How Sales Reps can Log Calls and create Notes quickly in Salesforce

The world of sales is not only about making connections but also staying connected with your network. Salesforce allows a sales rep to make calls for various day to day tasks, such as lead qualification, follow up on an ongoing opportunity etc. Though this is a day to day job of a sales rep, logging call reports in to Salesforce every time is time consuming.

After making a call, the sales rep would typically need to login to Salesforce, locate the opportunity or lead and then add the notes to it. This is not productive and adds friction to log call reports for the sales rep. aims to make logging calls easier. No matter, you use Slack or Microsoft Teams as your communication platform, you can log your calls right using This feature helps you not having back and forth between Salesforce and your communication platform and also gives you the opportunity to get all your work done in one place.

Call logging is just one of numerous features of also offers the ability to add notes, update all the core objects such as leads, opportunity, contacts, accounts right from the Slack or Teams.

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