Email your Contacts and Leads Right From

Communication is inevitable part of our daily work. We need to communicate with lots of people  in order to get our job done. If you are a sales rep, your need for communication is even more. This communication is not always with within the company but it could be external communication with clients and customers as well.

We discussed how provides you the opportunity to log calls from the app and takes notes afterwards. However, Communication does not always happen through the calls. The majority of our communication internally and externally are via emails. We spend hours sending email to our connections.

Due to the large number of emails we need to send, we usually postpone sending email to get less distracted during the working hours. It takes us time to open our email multiple times at the middle of busy days and sometimes we forget to send them due to heavy workload. That may lead to missing opportunity cost. helps you send email easier and with less effort. You don’t need to open another tab to send emails anymore. You can send emails to your contacts and leads right from app. This brings ease to your communication, speed up your communication pace and saves you times on hectic days.


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