Automate Your Oracle Engagement Cloud

Your CRM on Microsoft Teams & Slack saves time spent in logging into CRM and browsing multiple screens for the needed information. Everything is right here on Slack or Microsoft teams where business happens! works with Oracle CX Sales, Salesforce, FreshSales and many other leading CRMs.

  • Find Service Requests assigned to you
  • Check your top leads
  • Keep and eye on your sales pipeline
  • Create a new meeting, contact or an account
  • Variety of query options for major Sales and Service cloud objects
  • Customize the results to match your customized SAAS environment

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Microsoft Teams


Single Sign On/Oauth

We support Single Sign On or Oauth as well to communicate with your CRM which is secure and worry free.

Fit to your needs

You can customize your Slack or Microsoft teams command responses to get the data what matters to you!

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