Learn how new york's largest public transport company used Moblize.it's hybrid app to elevate productivity of its workforce

A hybrid mobile app was the fastest way to cater the needs of it’s 20K employees to help them deal with their day to day activities like checking schedules, time cards, tracking vacations etc.

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What we do?

  • Help you unlock the power of ERP with the power of Mobile apps and Chat Bots.
  • Transform CRM experience for Salesforce
  • Product innovation with Oracle Human Capital Management
  • Cloud enable Supply Chain for SAP

Our Approach: User Centric Mobile App Development

Rigorous Requirement Analysis

App Developers

Delivery Methods


Reap the benefits of Cross-Platform using

High performance across devices

Across each platform and each device, the app will deliver great performance with fast response time.

Post-deployment Support

For each of our built projects, we provide continued support and maintenance to clients.

Mobile Backend

We build mobile frontends completely decoupled from the backend. The backend is a powerful nodejs implementation and can be hosted on powerful platforms like Google Firebase, Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS.

100% Cross Platform

We build highly performant apps for iOS, Android, and as a Progressive Web App - all with the same codebase.

Flawless app experiences

We deliver a flawless experience by creating high-performance apps that look and feel beautiful across any platform or device.

Ship in weeks, not months

Not everyone have six months to build an app. Our developers build apps in weeks rather than months using a single code base.

Proven stack used by brands like