Concepts of Oracle Digital Assistant

Digital assistants are here to take over the world. We are going to see them everywhere, right from handling those various business functions to handling your personal tasks and schedules. But before we delve deeper into the galaxy of Oracle digital assistants, let us explore the major concepts behind the Oracle digital assistants.


The set of talents your digital assistant possesses. The fundamental logic involved in skills is this- They would be able to perform a set of tasks under a predefined set of skills that are purchased by them from the Oracle skill store. They could also request an IT company like Moblize.IT to develop skills that fits their business needs.

Let’s say that you are willing to equip your digital assistants with the skills of an HR. Then you can purchase it directly from the Oracle skill store and train up your Chatbot!


These are nothing but the categories or sections of tasks or actions that a user can easily expect from your skill. If you need assistance in directing your employees regarding their salary payment, then that is an intent. In other words, an intent is what you want to achieve from a digital assistant.


Variables that would identify the important data from the input provided by the user. This would help the skill in completing the task. The thin line between intents and entities is intents can map different phrases and words to a particular action. Entities are known to add context meant for the intent.


Your skills will encompass a variety of functions in order to respond to different users. These could be in the format of general functions such as outputting the text or processing backend information.

Dialog flow:

The Dialog is defined as the way how the skill and the user interact. Right from those ‘Hola’ to the ‘Visit again’ Dialog of your Digital assistant, you can easily customize the Dialog flow. It is how your skill responds and in turn, behaves when your user provides the input.


The difference between the Digital assistants and skills is that Digital assistants are not available in the app store or in Google play store. Users would require accessing them via different messaging platforms such as your customer’s messaging app. Your one-and-only skill or digital assistant would be having a number of channels configured in such a way that it will be able to run at the same time under various services.

Instant Apps:

These are wizard-like, self-contained modules which would help skilled users to accomplish certain tasks. It can handle various tasks like purchase invoice and purchase intent management.


A skill would be able to help you connect with the knowledge base documents or FAQs. The purpose of a skilled designer is to help you in integrating a Q&A service through the import of various questions as well as answer pairs.

If you are able to understand these concepts, then it would be easier for you to ace the fundamentals involved in Oracle Digital Assistants. Willing to leverage Oracle Digital Assistants for your business, our team would be able to help you in the best way possible. Talk to our experts to know how we can help you out!