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How does Digital assistant skills impact customer experience?

Oracle Digital Assistants can improve your guest experience to the best level. Let us take the case of the food industry. When a customer visits a restaurant, right from welcoming them to streamlining their order, Chatbots can take care of the entire process.

From checking the table availability to showcasing the top Menu items, there is no boundary to what services Chatbot can offer to the restaurant owners. The transition of Oracle digital assistant’s user experience from desktop and laptop to mobile devices is the proof of how Digital Assistants are revolutionizing the tech-world!

Oracle digital assistants can help businesses retain their customers easily. With digital assistants, businesses can simplify all the complex tasks and let customers connect with the businesses directly.

Mutua Madrid Open MatchBot is leveraging  Oracle Digital Assistant technology for their tournaments. With that, the customers can view all the needed information on behalf of the tournament. “We wanted to position the Mutua Madrid Open as the tournament of the 21st century,” says

Gerard Tsobanian, who is the CEO and president of Mutua Madrid Open.

He further went on to add that through the MatchBot development, we can get positioned in the technology forefront fueled by innovation. By using this new technology, visitors can get an amazing experience which can be quite pleasant and simple. It is the fastest way through which customers can get the required information that they need regarding the tournament.

Oracle Digital assistants also provides intelligent reports dashboard. Users can easily make the best decisions by leveraging those insights. They are developer-oriented analytics meant on usage patterns.

Digital assistants can help you view all these required data:

  •    The number of conversations that takes place over a particular period of time and the rate at which the task would be completed.
  •    Skills that are popular in the digital assistant platform.

With these insights, you can customize your digital assistants accordingly.

Digital assistants are setting the current trend in customer experience. By making use of these amazing digital assistant skills, you can take your business to new heights. By forming that everlasting bond with your customers, you are going to retain them forever. Digital assistants can come handy through this entire process.

Are you looking for an efficient digital assistant for your business? If yes, we will be able to provide you with the most suitable digital assistant skills for your business.


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