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Scanbuddy.ai joined forces with Salesforce

Now available in Salesforce!! that’s right! We have integrated ScanBuddy.ai with Salesforce CRM to expand our footprints in all leading CRM platforms to help larger Sales population.

The new integration allows you to scan and sync contacts with your Salesforce instance from ScanBuddy.ai, and also search and see results in ScanBuddy app.  The complete contact management based on proprietary ScanBuddy.ai solution that is integrated currently with Oracle Sales Cloud and FreshSales CRM is also available with Salesforce platform

The integration also allows contact owner to share contacts from Salesforce instance to be available on ScanBuddy.ai app for entire sales team. Sales teams can enable the integration right from the ScanBuddy.ai mobile app by selecting Salesforce CRM in the settings tab and enter essential details.

As you already know by now, ScanBuddy.ai uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence and smart human intervention in case of exceptions for efficient and most accurate business card scanning in the world. This helps Sales teams from all over the world using ScanBuddy.ai solution daily and numbers are just increasing day by day!

We offer global support and slowly enabling more languages apart from the current set of supported languages including but not limited to English, German, Danish, Dutch, Spanish.

All of ScanBuddy.ai’s unique features such as automatic account creation and contact association, ability to scan as lead and account contacts, add notes after scanning and enabling automation through workflow are available with Salesforce CRM so that you can tie up multiple tasks and kick off an automated workflow that starts from scanning the contact at ScanBuddy.ai. 

Please let us know if you are curious to know more about the integration and ScanBuddy.ai future roadmap.

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