UX is not just a goal, it is a Journey

A few months back, I decided to change my 15 years old career. And after thinking a lot and talking to many friends and consultants, I finally put my step forward toward UX (User Experience). There is no doubt that this field is completely different than the health industry. Also, after 15 years going back to learning and studying a completely new subject is hard in itself but in addition to that is to look for a job, planning interviews and finally finding a job.

During this phase of learning, there are moments when everything looks hazy, hard, unpredictable, and uncertain. To keep going and keeping myself motivated is another challenge. There are days when I wake up with no energy, drained because the previous night I was working till 3 am to submit an assignment. So, my next day goes in the drain because I am so tired to do anything. I was exhausted and burnt out.

One final day, I sat down and gathered myself to look at the goal. I had to write it because the goals were changing every day. I had to see it through and found that I am not just overlooking the goal, rather I am not looking at it at all. It is not just the goal, it is a journey that I have to define. I have to define the milestones and celebrate every milestone that is bringing me closer to my goal. So, now I have to define the milestones for myself rather than setting the goals. Goals give the big picture, an outcome.

In my one of the classes, I learned about SMART, first coined by George T. Doran, is an acronym for the following:

  • Specific: Provide concrete details.
  • Measurable: Include performance indicators so you know when you’re on track.
  • Actionable: Include steps you can take to reach your goal.
  • Realistic: Be aware of your experience, skillset, location, time constraints, and other relevant factors.
  • Time-Bound: Include timelines and schedules.

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