CRM is Compatible with Both Slack and Microsoft Teams

Rather than using email for internal communication, most of the companies use communication platforms for instant messaging. With COVID-19 the need for distant communication has been increased. Therefore, even small companies that didn’t feel the need for communication platforms, started to communicate online. There are many communication platforms in the market but the most popular ones are Microsoft Teams and Slack.

CRM system is an absolute need if you want to work efficiently apart from the fact that which industry you are in or what is your company size. There are many CRM systems in the market but one of the most popular one is Salesforce.

As time passed, some software companies started to think about a solution which helps companies decrease amount of time having back and forth between communication platforms and CRM systems. That was because switching from CRM systems to communication platforms was time- consuming. However, some of these integration platforms are only compatible with one communications platform, some of them are too expensive to buy and some are not user-friendly.

We considered all these facts and came up with to provide you with a great experience. is compatible with both Microsoft Teams and Slack, it is very easy to install and the price is reasonable so any company can afford to buy. Our goal is helping you save time and become more productive with an integration platform which is inexpensive to buy and easy to use.

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