Digital Assistants

Realtime Bot Analytics

  • Perfect for conferences and live events
  • At a glance numbers on users, sessions and activities
  • Real time message stream, engagements, sentiment analysis and much more

oracle digital assistant analytics dashboard

Painful Hours Reporting?

  • Are employees forced to login into slow ERPs to log daily time card?
  • Are managers having trouble keeping track of approvals?
  • Inefficient time management system delays payroll?



Fast Track Your HR

  • Do you spend too much time answering same questions from your employees?
  • Do you spend a lot of time just looking at HR policies?
  • Are your employees frustrated of filling time cards?
  • Too many calls to HR department asking vacation balances?

SFA Made Easy

  • Are field sales rep spending too much time scheduling meetings?
  • Does field sales rep often forget to log call reports?
  • Does your field sales rep always updates about their customers?

Rock Your Customer Support

  • Unable to scale increasing demand?
  • Cannot afford a 24*7  live agent?
  • 80% time spent in answering same questions?