What is CRM

In our daily life when people talk about smartphones, they are usually referring to an online system. A tool that helps in contacting our relatives and friends, managing contact numbers, locations on google maps, tracking systems and more. Nowadays everything is online and that is making everyone’s life so easy. Just like smartphones, a CRM system helps companies to connect with customers, to increasing productivity, to store customers and prospect contact information and more.

A CRM system is completely defined in a simple word like:-Improve business-customer relationships. A CRM system is also known as Software-as-a-service(SAAS) CRM, online CRM, and web CRM. 



 A customer relationship management completely based on the KYC process that knows your customer. For example, focusing on customers needs and wants, increases the sales and profitability, and assemble everything in one place. 

Some basic steps are defining the process of CRM systems.

  1. Finds new customers
  2. provide services according to the needs of customers
  3. Builds a strong relationship with customers and grow our business faster.

One of the best products in the market of CRM System is Salesforce. It is also called a CRM Solution that brings companies and customers together. If we use salesforce CRM according to the needs and wants of customers, a company’s sales, marketing, and customer service team can understand every customer and build a strong relationship with their customers.



The major benefit of CRM System is to create a useful structure of an organization to increase a company’s growth, to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability of the company. A few years ago, employees collected information about customers and salespeople can end up this information using multiple sources like sticky notes, call logs, etc. Nowadays CRM enters the market and helps bring it all together in a commonplace.

Making a good CRM System should be a focus on the customer service team, control data security and manage data privacy and more.



CRM Software directly related to customer relationships. It is commonly used in sales, marketing, and customer service functions. CRM Software helps companies to increase their growth, productivity, scalability, efficiency, and long term customer relationships. So that in different fields CRM Software plays an important role according to the different type of fields work, like:-

  1.   Marketing team 
  2.   Sales team
  3.   Service team
  • Marketing team: Marketers will be able to use the CRM to generate new ideas and strategies, according to the market and maintain that properly using CRM Software.  

  • Sales team:– Salespeople will be able to use the ideas and strategies that are provided by the marketer, set a task to follow up with customers.

  • Service team:– Customer service team will be able to use the CRM Software to solve the issues with the customers, support the customers to ask any queries about the product.


  • some important terms define why needs CRM Software –
  • For better customer support
  • For better customer relationship
  • For better sales productivity
  • Everything available on a single place
  • For winning strategies.



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