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Digital Assistant to Handle CoronaVirus Information

CoronaVirus aka COVID-19 is declared as pandemic by WHO. Its growth has been exponential and causing most of the countries to close down international borders for flying in and out of the country. We did notice so many people panicked over it and looking for information all over. CDC and WHO has good resources but people do not have patience to read all from top to bottom to look for a specific information.

Our team decided to deal with this issue and built a digital assistant as a free and effective resource. We are training it very frequently to deal with new questions and have added a lot of capabilities to deal with new questions coming up.  You can access the bot from here

Few of the questions you can ask this bot are:

  • How many people are affected in usa
  • how to prevent from corona virus
  • what is corona virus
  • is there a vaccine?
  • and so on…

We have a dashboard to monitor overall usage which looks like below currently