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import contacts has a killer feature to let you move your data between android and iOS. Even if you do not need to transfer data, you still can keep it as a backup on cloud power by Google and never fear of losing it. This is completely free and there is no limit on how many contacts you can import export. also takes care of duplicate detection while doing the import export. So, completely fuss free solution.

Below is the process:

  1. Download the app from iOS app store and google play store. Links are on the website.
  2. For this example, let’s assume that you are transferring contacts from android to iOS. So, open the app on your android phone.
  3. If you are a new user, go ahead and create your digital profile by going to the middle tab.
    create digital profile
  4. Fill up information and it will ask for creating a unique buddy code. Pick a word from the left and write a easy to remember word on the right as below
    buddy code
  5. Once this is done, import your contacts either on the next screen or going to the settings. Please note due to required permissions you may have to click the button twice.
    import contacts
  6. Once contacts are imported you will be able to see on the first tab in the app.
  7. At this point, go to iPhone and download the app.
  8. This time on the iphone pick “Returning User” option or skip here and go to settings.
    first time user
  9. Add your buddy code that you created on the android phone as below
    add buddy code
  10. With in few seconds, all the contacts will be in the app on your iphone.
  11. Final step, go to settings and click export contacts as below:
    export contacts
  12. That’s it. In case you do not see the contacts in your iPhone phone book, try to kill the phone book app and restart. Sometimes, iPhone takes a bit time to refresh new data.

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